XS Piercing

Ampallang – Apadravya – Dydoe


The Ampallang piercing, one you don’t see often. It also takes mental courage. A piercing that goes straight through the front glans through the soft erectile tissue. The piercing must not be pierced too far back because the hard spongy bodies are located there, which must be avoided. Experts can distinguish these through experience. The Ampallang consists of a longer rod, usually between 28-36 mm.

The piercing crosses the urethra, but does not cause any problems with regard to the obstruction of the urinary stream, scarring, etc. That is why the healing is not eternally during, because it consists of “two” puncture channels, for example 2 x 15 mm with a 30 mm glans. Stories of 6 months unhealed amps circulating on the internet were probably due to incorrectly pierced positions.In terms of feeling, the Ampallang and Apadravya are a win for the woman, for the man rather neutral (similar to the PA).
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Abstinence from sex for 6–8 weeks is required during the healing period. Technically demanding, once to achieve an exact symmetry left to right in both planes, and the avoidance of the “hard” cavernous body is essential (strongly discouraged from self-experiments!) Healing time 5–8 weeks  


The Apadavya goes vertically through the glans. The lower part of the branch channel corresponds to the PA piercing and can also be used if there are any change requests. Somewhat shorter healing time than the Ampallang because the puncture channel is shorter.

DYDOE Piercing

The dydoe’s are rods that superficially go lengthwise through the glans. Possibility of outgrowing, therefore they have to be anchored at a long distance of at least 12 mm. Fun for woman and man!  

Healing time 4–6 weeks