XS Piercing


Locks inserted instead of piercings help against sex. Or strong piercing rings, that cannot be opened, are closed with the lock. The locks must be light, have rounded edges, be kind to the skin and not sensitive to moisture. We recommend Lustlock locks.

Foreskin piercing: at least 2, 4 or 6 holes, absolutely safe from sex and conditionally safe from masturbation.

Prince Albert piercing: either to wear a lock directly (prevents sex, but not masturbation), or via a penis cage that is fixed over the Prince Albert piercing (only possible without foreskin), see e.g. Penicap model (100% safe against sex, 99% against masturbation). Especially for the Penicap model we can now use 5mm rings directly.

Frenum piercing: also to a limited extent, but only with a strong band and enough material. Attachment of a lock directly, or via a penis cage for frenum piercings.