XS Piercing

Belly button piercing

or Navel Piercing

The belly button piercing is one of the most popular piercings ever. A beautiful belly with beautiful jewellery, and possibly in combination with a tattoo, is a feast for the eyes. The navel is basically an anatomically suitable piercing location if a good umbilical fold is formed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ring or a banana barbell as the first piece of jewellery. The holes are the same.  

Healing takes different lengths of time: 2 – 4 months until complete, dry epithelialization. Reason: decreased blood flow in the soft tissues on the belly surface, for example, compared to the face or genital area. Healing is often irregular, first several weeks without problems, then a relapse with inflammation and irritation, but you can fix that. Then special care is appropriate, cleaning with a disinfectant soap (e.g. Betadine), wound ointment, bathing in salt water and the sea. 

As a rule, the piercings heal well, especially with slim bellies. More problems usually cause obese bellies. Perhaps 2% of all navel pierced people have lengthy healing problems that cannot be resolved.

Variants: Banana bars with stones, gold, pearl insert. Open or closed rings with stones as balls. Piercing also possible through the lower umbilical fold, if present.